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Leak Dtection and Repair

Leak Detection & Repair Experts

Accurate leak detection requires a combination of two things:

  • Specially trained experts. Our plumbers are highly skilled and experienced to accurately locate the most difficult leaks, without destruction.
  • Quality equipment. NOW Plumbing Repair has taken leak detection a step further by implementing the latest technology to ensure the most accurate leak detection possible.

Five reasons you can depend on NOW Plumbing Repair leak detection service:

  • Non-invasive. We use accurate and non-destructive detection methods for all types of leaks including hidden water, sewer leaks and underground leaks.
  • Experience & Resources. Eight years of leak detection experience in Las Vegas and state-of-the-art leak equipment.
  • Save Money. Our non-invasive methods assure a timely and economical outcome and ensure that damage to property is eliminated or reduced.
  • Upfront Pricing. You will know up-front what your cost will be to detect the leak. Plus, prior to the start of any repair job we will give the cost upfront.
  • Licensed-Bonded-Insured. Have peace of mind knowing that we have been thoroughly checked and are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Do you think you have a leak?

It is critical to fix leak problems—immediately! The longer you wait results in more property damage and higher cost. Plus, mold may begin to grow and cause severe health problems.

If you think you might have a leak then call us now at (702)410-6737 and we'll fix it!

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